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Nienburg-Holzbalge Airport

Nienburg-Holzbalge Airport is also known with the aita airport code. Nienburg-Holzbalge airport is located in the city of Nienburg Weser in Germany. The location indicator of this airport is EDXI. Nienburg-Holzbalge has the altitude of 82 feet, which is equal to 25 meters above sea level.

The distance from Nienburg-Holzbalge Airport to the city center of Nienburg Weser is 6.46 miles. Nienburg-Holzbalge Airport is located in the Northern Europe region.

The Nearest Airports

The nearest airport to Nienburg-Holzbalge Airport is Neuenland Airport which is 28.11 miles away.

Airport Name City IATA ICAO Distance
Damme Airport Damme EDWC 43.78 mi
Gutersloh Airport Guetersloh GUT ETUO 65.29 mi
Oldenburg Hatten Airport Oldenburg EDWH 43.22 mi
Wyk auf Foehr Airport Wyk OHR 122.58 mi
Diepholz Airport Diepholz ETND 35.49 mi
Wuerzburg Airport Wuerzburg EDFW 62.7 mi
Ganderkesee Atlas Airfield Airport Ganderkesee EDWQ 35.48 mi
Bielefeld Airport Bielefeld EDLI 57.69 mi
Bremerhaven Airport Bremerhaven BRV EDWB 60.27 mi
Paderborn Lippstadt Airport Paderborn PAD EDLP 79.16 mi
Brilon Hochsauerlandkreis Airport Brilon EDKO 92.98 mi
Nordholz Spieka Airport Cuxhaven EDXN 76.15 mi
Cuxhaven Airport Cuxhaven NDZ KNDZ 76.23 mi
Nordholz Airport Nordholz ETMN 76.01 mi
Allendorf Eder Airport Allendorf EDFQ 117.52 mi
St. Peter-Ording Airport Sankt Peter-Ording PSH EDXO 112.2 mi
Neuenland Airport Bremen BRE EDDW 28.11 mi
Porta Westfalica Airport Bad Oeynhausen EDVY 36.11 mi
Heide-Büsum Airport Büsum HEI EDXB 100.31 mi
Karlshoefen Airport Karlshoefen EDWK 43.41 mi

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Airport Codes
GPS Coordinates
52° 42' 34.9272'' N
9° 9' 45.0000'' E
82 feet
25 meters
Germany Germany
Nienburg Weser
Distance to Town Center
6.46 miles
10.4 km
5.62 nmi
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