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Liege Airport

Liege Airport is also known with the LGG aita airport code. Liege airport is located in the city of Liege in Belgium. The location indicator of this airport is EBLG. Liege has the altitude of 659 feet, which is equal to 201 meters above sea level.

The distance from Liege Airport to the city center of Liege is 5.99 miles. Liege Airport is located in the Northern Europe region. Airplanes are landing on the 8,839 feet runway.

The Nearest Airports

The nearest airport to Liege Airport is Sint Truiden Airport which is 15.02 miles away.

Airport Name City IATA ICAO Distance
Deurne Airport Antwerp ANR EBAW 57.34 mi
Beauvechain Airport Beauvechain EBBE 30.7 mi
Kleine Brogel Airport Kleine Brogel EBBL 36.7 mi
Brussels Natl Airport Brussels BRU EBBR 45.69 mi
Bertrix Airport Bertrix EBBX 52.43 mi
Brussels South Airport Charleroi CRL EBCI 45.15 mi
Florennes Airport Florennes EBFS 44.41 mi
Zutendaal Airport Zutendaal EBSL 22.37 mi
Sint Truiden Airport Sint-truiden EBST 15.02 mi
Saint Hubert Mil Airport St.-hubert EBSU 41.6 mi
Weelde Airport Weelde EBWE 56.38 mi
Zoersel Airport Zoersel EBZR 52.73 mi

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Airport Codes
Runway Length
8,839 feet
2,694 meters
GPS Coordinates
50° 38' 14.7012'' N
5° 26' 35.5992'' E
659 feet
201 meters
Belgium Belgium
Distance to Town Center
5.99 miles
9.64 km
5.21 nmi
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