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Bournemouth Airport

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Bournemouth Airport is also known with the BOH aita airport code. Bournemouth airport is located in the city of Bournemouth in United Kingdom. The location indicator of this airport is EGHH. Bournemouth has the altitude of 38 feet, which is equal to 12 meters above sea level.

The distance from Bournemouth Airport to the city center of Bournemouth is 4.52 miles. Bournemouth Airport is located in the Northern Europe region. Airplanes are landing on the 7,450 feet runway.

The Nearest Airports

The nearest airport to Bournemouth Airport is Shaftesbury-Compton Abbas Aerodrome Airport which is 18.74 miles away.

Airport Name City IATA ICAO Distance
Bristol Airport Bristol BRS EGGD 56.4 mi
Yeovilton Airport Yeovilton YEO EGDY 38.15 mi
Bristol Filton Airport Bristol FZO EGTG 60.51 mi
Cosford Airport Cosford EGWC 130.03 mi
Wolverhampton Airport Halfpenny Green EGBO 121.37 mi
Gloucestershire Airport Golouchestershire GLO EGBJ 78.24 mi
Shaftesbury-Compton Abbas Aerodrome Airport Shaftesbury EGHA 18.74 mi
Kemble Airport Pailton EGBP 62.05 mi
Lyneham Airport Lyneham LYE EGDL 50.53 mi
Fairford Airport Fairford FFD EGVA 62.37 mi
Birmingham Airport Birmingham BHX EGBB 115.72 mi
Boscombe Down Airport Boscombe Down EGDM 26.05 mi
Wellesbourne Mountford Airport Wellesbourne EGBW 98.06 mi
Brize Norton Airport Brize Norton BZZ EGVN 67.94 mi
Coventry Airport Coventry CVT EGBE 110.93 mi
Southampton Airport Southampton SOU EGHI 24.23 mi
Kidlington Airport Oxford OXF EGTK 76.43 mi
Sandown Airport Isle Of Wight EGHN 24.01 mi
Bembridge Airport Bembridge BBP EGHJ 32.83 mi

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Airport Codes
Runway Length
7,450 feet
2,271 meters
GPS Coordinates
50° 46' 47.9964'' N
1° 50' 33.0000'' W
38 feet
12 meters
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Distance to Town Center
4.52 miles
7.27 km
3.93 nmi
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