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Ben Gurion Airport

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Ben Gurion Airport is also known with the TLV aita airport code. Ben Gurion airport is located in the city of Tel-aviv in Israel. The location indicator of this airport is LLBG. Ben Gurion has the altitude of 135 feet, which is equal to 41 meters above sea level.

The distance from Ben Gurion Airport to the city center of Tel-aviv is 7.41 miles. Ben Gurion Airport is located in the Southern Europe, Israel and Turkey region. Airplanes are landing on the 11,998 feet runway.

The Nearest Airports

The nearest airport to Ben Gurion Airport is Sde Dov Airport which is 9.4 miles away.

Airport Name City IATA ICAO Distance
Teyman Airport Beer-sheba BEV LLBS 50.97 mi
Tel Nov Airport Tel-nof LLEK 12.47 mi
Eyn Shemer Airport Eyn-shemer LLES 30.5 mi
En Yahav Airport Eyn-yahav LLEY 97.82 mi
Haifa Airport Haifa HFA LLHA 55.89 mi
Hatzor Airport Haztor LLHS 19.58 mi
Mahanaim I Ben Yaakov Airport Rosh Pina RPN LLIB 77.99 mi
Megiddo Airport Megido Airstrip LLMG 45.13 mi
I Bar Yehuda Airport Metzada LLMZ 55.67 mi
Nevatim Ab Airport Nevatim LLNV 55.97 mi
Ramat David Airport Ramat David LLRD 48.29 mi
Ramon Airport Ramon LLRM 86.33 mi
Sde Dov Airport Tel-aviv SDV LLSD 9.4 mi
Jerusalem Airport Jerusalem OJJR 21.97 mi

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Airport Codes
Runway Length
11,998 feet
3,657 meters
GPS Coordinates
32° 0' 41.0076'' N
34° 53' 11.9940'' E
135 feet
41 meters
Israel Israel
Distance to Town Center
7.41 miles
11.93 km
6.44 nmi
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